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$14,000 of $14,000 goal
We are looking at building a shop, strictly for products needed for household pets.

We also will be taking over another company Pinewood Coffins that will build only coffins for dogs and cats, for people who wish to bury their own pets on their own property.

Because the demand is expected to be low for just this product, we would also specialize in the construction of per-built dog and cat houses as well scratching posts.

All items too expensive in most pet food stores.

Most of the products made will go to animal shelters already caring for dogs and cats, that we will research most deserving of our products.

We will sell these products below market value, in order to replace lumber costs, as most of the labour will be donated by retired craftsmen.

UPDATE: We purchased a new fully serviced lot 75' x 125' and have a concrete pad 14' x 22' and are now building the shop. View shop progress below:

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Nyshal Theroux

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